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The World’s Most
Effective Calming Tonic image

The World’s Most Effective Calming Tonic

Experience a new kind of calm with delicious, ready-to-mix drinks that kick stress to the curb.
Hours of calm in one small packet image

Hours of calm in one small packet

A powerful anti-stress blend

Forget about your worries and let go of whatever is bothering you. You are just one sip away from a calmer, less-stressed state of mind.
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Sit back & unwind with Ü Relax image

Sit back & unwind with Ü Relax

Take a moment for you. Anytime, anywhere.

Ü Relax delivers a great-tasting medley of the potent and powerful properties of Kava, Ashwagandha, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, and L-Theanine for a happier, worry-free you.
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Ingredients to feel good about

Found in nature & backed by science

We start with five active ingredients found in nature and backed by science. Each stress-reducing property comes together for a super-functional formula that tastes amazing and mellows you out quickly.
Noble Kava - Relaxation & wellbeing image

Noble Kava - Relaxation & wellbeing

L-Theanine - Natural calm & focus image

L-Theanine - Natural calm & focus

Chamomile - Diminish body stress image

Chamomile - Diminish body stress

Lemon Balm - Reduce agitation image

Lemon Balm - Reduce agitation

Ashwagandha - Natural stress relief image

Ashwagandha - Natural stress relief

Because we all get stressed... rotating image
Because we all get stressed... image

Because we all get stressed...

The knots in our stomach, the tight pain in our chest, the thoughts racing through our minds—that’s stress. And it happens to all of us. But instead of letting it bring us down, we’re kindly kicking stress and anxiousness out the door. Because we believe you deserve to feel good and smile, no matter what life throws at you.
Our Story

Happy thoughts from happy customers

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HANNI avatar


I drank it on an empty stomach and I’m already feeling it after 18 minutes. It’s nice because I feel like I’m still able to function 100% but I am really chill at the same time.
XIN avatar


After 30 minutes or so, I felt a very nice calming effect and a feeling of clarity. Love this drink!
VALERIE avatar


I felt a noticeable difference in my attitude and my energy wasn't as "on edge" as I usually am during my work day. Really great product. Well done!